Vital Statistics




Human Celestial, Warmaster of Mankind.


13 at beginning of series, 19 at the end.

Powers and Abilites

One of the most powerful hand to hand fighters in the omniverse, Adrenaline rush,extremly skilled with swords. Flight, transmutation, mastery of all kinds of magic. All powers increase a billion fold in Celestial form, virtually immortal.


Incredibly stubborn. Overuse of Adrenaline rush destroys muscles.Smokes to much pot.

Destructive Capability

Universe level

Strength,speed and durablity

Can lift a planet. Faster Then Light.


His swords


Not well read, but a combat genuis.


As crazy as can be.

Summary Edit

A natural born leader, Cory is the mastermind of most of the the whizzes adventures, Cory loves music more then anything, and is considered to be the funniest of the group, Cory, Jake, and Michael are lifelong friends and after meeting Patrick form the whizzes. However he has very radical beliefs,is an extreme anarchist, and can be cruel to his friends. He is very lazy however and much like Patrick his life revolves around entertaining himself.