What happens when a teenager gets a god complex.





Human host of the FIRSTBORN, Celestial. Emperor of Humankind, the Antichrist.


June 26. 1990


15 at the beginning of the series, 21 by the end

Powers and abilites

super strength, super speed, hypersonic flight, reality manipulation,master of magic, can create multiple copies of himself, can stretch any part of his body for 50 meters, element control, shoot concentrated energy, transmutation, krav maga master, can survive in space, cross into alternate universes, is immortal as long as others remember him. shape shifter, telepathy, time travel. Celestial transformation that increases all his powers a billion fold, virtually all powers in fiction, In celestial form anything he imagines can become reality with he concentrates enough.


Lets emotions control him, self destructive in battle. has to activate his powers first, is a normal kid otherwise. Only as powerful as he imagines himself to be.

Destructive power

universe level/ omniversal at end of series.

Strength, speed and durability

Can lift and throw a planet. Hypersonic, tanked a big crunch at point blank, universal level


Glasses made by Davis, which can read anyones vital statistics.


completely clueless about simple tasks like tying shoes, but was able to match wits with an alien race 1000 times more advanced then humanity, somewhat of a stupid genuis.


The ultimate example of being stronger then you look.

Patrick Larsen

Patrick after shaving his head.


Patrick is a thin boy,with spiky hair and glasses, he is famous for wearing his massive brown duffel coat and black "emo" chain pants. In his Celestial form his eyes glow black and blue "smoke" continually drifts from out his mouth. In Year 5 he shaves his head.

Personality and traitsEdit

Despite seeing crazy shit on a daily basis, Patrick is easily amused by the simplest of things, this could be due somewhat to his somewhat sheltered childhood. He also doesn't know anything about math and medicine, for example in one battle when Jake was knocked out, Patrick attempted to revive him by pouring vodka in Jake's open mouth. He does however have a huge knowledge on books, movies, comics, and tv shows, causing his friends to call him an "enyclopedia of useless knowledge." He has a vivid imagination and can preoccupy himself for hours simply by daydreaming. When he isn't going on adventures with the whizzes he spends the majority of his life on the computer. In battle he comes up with formations and strategys, but can often play with his enimies, not killing them when he has the chance. Outside of fighting, he is extremly neurotic and has trouble communicating with other people. He has a very tight knit group of friends and never interacts with anyone else. Even when going into the store to buy grocerys he simply can't face the cashier. He is very self consicous to, such as when Sarah called him "ugly" he spent the majority of his day applying facial cream. He also doesn't react well to pressure, breaking down before final exams. He also shrinks his duties, is never seen studying and frequently skips school, he never makes promises with others because he knows he will just break them. Patrick has Avoidant Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and ADHD, His most damning trait is his anger to rejection, when he finally told Sarah Alem that he wanted to "be beside her forever, no matter where she is" she told him that he only loved her because she was the only girl who was both pretty and talked to him. Faced with rejection Patrick attempted to murder her, which eventually caused her to leave the whizzes and go rouge. Patrick is afraid of being hated causing him to shut out the rest of the world. Patrick never kills his enemies (no matter how evil they are), this isn't due to kindness, it is because Patrick feels that killing the villains lets them off too lightly, whereas he considers letting them live to see their dreams be ruined a far more fitting punishment. Patrick is loyal to his friends and loses it whenever one of them is harmed, he is often called "Big Poppa" because of his protective nature.